Dynamic Tonality Synthesizers

We have three Dynamic Tonality synthesizers, each of which uses a different technique of sound synthesis. They all use the same set of Dynamic Tonality controls and support a wide range of microtonal tunings that can be smoothly morphed between. Furthermore, their timbres can be matched to the underlying tuning.

The Viking is an additive-subtractive synth that emulates classic analogue synthesizers and contains a variety of filters, a highly adaptable envelope, and numerous LFO options.

2032 is a physical modelling synth that emulates struck and bowed strings or wind-blown pipes that can be mounted on a resonant body (e.g., the body of a harp, guitar, or piano). The strings and pipes can also be excited by live audio input—for example, you can play a modeled guitar by tapping or blowing into a microphone.

Transformer is an analysis-resynthesis synth that detects and then adapts the tunings and amplitudes of partials from an audio sample (wav or aiff file) or live audio input. It is based on TransFormSynth, which is no longer under active development.

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